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  • emmbersplace
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    I am posting here in the hope that Miranda or someone checks the forum.
    I sent a question to D today about unjustified negative feedback on cancelled sales and the diffuculty in using your dispute process as the items concerned were from multiple item listings.
    I received a :standard: reply telling me to use the dispute process...sorry I thought there were real people there not just bots.
    Can you deal with my query in a proper manner....then you can delete these moans ok?
  • @miranda
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    Hello Mike,

    Note that you can always contact me or the team through this email address: (it's a better solution than writing in the forum in the hope that I will read you :yes:
    You actually got lucky that I read you ;)

    I checked your email, I will intervene in your dispute.

    Kind regards,

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